Tips to creating an effective email newsletter

I don’t chat about emails too much because the open rate is so small however I see more and more companies drawn to them.  Here are some tips:

1. Work with a reputable email marketing company that can show they are not blacklisted by Google, Yahoo and other big players.  The other option is to utilize your own self-run email distribution service.

2. Be informative:  Here are some examples of informative content you can include in a newsletter:  Blog posts, Tips, tactics, how-tos, tutorials, Industry news/third party news, events, dates to remember, holidays, Interesting facts, reviews, photos, contests/contest winners, resources, company news – updates, improvements, new products, awards, volunteer projects, etc. Infographics, webinars and/or videos, testimonials. recipes and fan photos

3. Lose the sales talk:  People like to be informed of sales, but selling shouldn’t be the main focus
of an email newsletter – send your offers in promo-specific emails.
4. Keep it brief and aim for the click:

Guess how long the average person spends reading a newsletter? 51 seconds!
5. Be reliable and consistent:
Have a plan-once a month, once a week.
6. Have a compelling subject line:
Put the where it is from in the subject.
7. Have an easy opt-out:
Make sure that all of your emails can say no thank you.  I caution you to make sure you have received verifiable emails with an opt-in option also.

I received some of this information Skadeedle.