Social Media Etiquette for Business: 25 Do’s & Don’ts

Social-Media-Etiquette-for-Business-25-Dos-Donts-300x200Learning the best social media etiquette for business owners, especially small businesses, is almost as hard as getting started with social media in the first place. What’s even harder to do is to fully understand all of the little nuances that act as unwritten etiquette rules that run these networks. Here’s 25 Do’s and Don’ts to help make sense of it all.

Starting with Tip #1

1) Have Your Social Media Profiles Completed in Full

No one likes to get to a Twitter page only to find out that they haven’t taken the time to upload a photo to their account. Photos are a good start, having a name that is easily identified as being you and your business is a must, and take that extra 5 minutes to fill out all the “about you” information. First impressions are important and lasting. What do your social media profiles say about you?