Don’t post only 3rd party updates

Just as I said yesterday…..share!  Don’t get too bogged down with only sharing an idea you like or something you think is clever.  Change it up so that it comes from you.

Always have a strategy

Companies like to be innovative and creative, I get it.  But even so, have a strategy!  Don’t just try it once and see if it sticks..

If you don’t have time to create a full strategic social media marketing plan, create a “napkin plan” at least. Make sure to clearly state your objectives (what exactly you want to reach) and steps how to reach those objectives.

Social Media and being social

You need to be active on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for branding purposes; you also need to be able to build and nurture customer and user communities on your own web site for interaction and engagement.  Create opportunities for yourself to network.


Make people smile!

When you are writing a post be clever, unique and thoughtful.  Facts are not fun.  Get your audience to comment, like or share.  Throwing up content on Facebook because you can, does not mean you should.

Do you want to be seen?

Businesses need to catch the attention of potential customers in three seconds or they will skip you or worse!  NOT EVEN SEE YOU!

Nice Companies Finish First

A great book by Peter Shankman.  Peter shares that the standard service we receive as consumers is “crap” and that companies need to treat customers better than the norm.  Where has service gone?