Social Media Etiquette for Business: 25 Do’s & Don’ts

Social-Media-Etiquette-for-Business-25-Dos-Donts-300x200Learning the best social media etiquette for business owners, especially small businesses, is almost as hard as getting started with social media in the first place. What’s even harder to do is to fully understand all of the little nuances that act as unwritten etiquette rules that run these networks. Here’s 25 Do’s and Don’ts to help make sense of it all.

Starting with Tip #1

1) Have Your Social Media Profiles Completed in Full

No one likes to get to a Twitter page only to find out that they haven’t taken the time to upload a photo to their account. Photos are a good start, having a name that is easily identified as being you and your business is a must, and take that extra 5 minutes to fill out all the “about you” information. First impressions are important and lasting. What do your social media profiles say about you?

Why Your Business Needs To Get Involved In Social Media

If your company is not involved in any social platform, chances are that you are losing big and are not in a position to monitor conversations consumers have around your brand.

Read why here:

SEO: 10 Things You Might Not Know About The SEO

SEO Whether you already have an established website or you are planning to put up a new one, you need to make sure that it has a formidable online presence so people can find it in the web. If your website can be easily found, you have a better chance of selling your products or services. Learn more about the SEO here:

How to Build a Powerful Network Using LinkedIn

ss-powerful-linkedin-network-480Why Build a Smart LinkedIn Network?
LinkedIn can give you exposure and access to important people, help you attract new prospects, keep you in front of existing clients and vendors, spark marketing or business partnership possibilities, generate more introductions and referrals, provide invitations to speak at events or conferences, uncover media or press inquiries and much more. Read all about building your LinkedIn network here:

How To Target Your Audience Using Facebook Ads: Part 4

everything_you_need_to_know_about_facebook_ads_part_4Knowing your audience is easily the most important aspect to ANY MARKETING STRATEGY. Whether you’re marketing on social media or in a newspaper, you need to know who your customer is. It also poses the most difficulty when it comes to learning how to market a small business. Read more here: How To Target Your Audience Using Facebook Ads

Using and creating conversion pixels for Facebook Ads: Part 3

creating_a_conversion_pixel_(1)Creating conversion pixels for your ads is a simple process that allows you to get slightly more in-depth insights in your ads. It will report the number of conversions you received directly from your website conversion and link ads, giving you an accurate measure of your ROI. Creating conversion pixels in Facebook is simple, read how here: Using and creating conversion pixels for Facebook Ads

Choosing An Objective for Your Facebook Ad: Part 2

everything_you_need_to_know_aboutBefore telling you how to choose an objective, let’s talk a little bit about what an objective is in Facebook’s terms. According to Facebook, an ad objective is:

“Your advertising objective is what you want people to do when they see your ads.”

Read all about it here: Choosing An Objective for Your Facebook Ad

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Ads: Part 1

ads1Running an ad on Facebook is an affordable way to get your brand’s message in front of many people quickly. If the copy, images, and offer is just right, running an ad on Facebook is also incredibly effective.

There are a few different ways you can run an ad on Facebook, find out here: Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Ads

How to ask sensitive survey questions

iStock_TipsSurveys are a powerful way to gather information, and also sometimes awkward, one-sided conversations. How so? Well, you’re asking people to give you answers—but not in person. Read more here to get sensitive survey asking tips: Tips for asking sensitive survey questions

6 Things Nonprofits Need to Know About Social Media

social-media-linkedin-twitter-1940x900_35051Looking for donations? Social media can help–but it’s a game of chess, not checkers.
Read more here: 6 Things Nonprofits Need to Know About Social Media

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